Painting with Sand @ The Playschool, June 2016

I did sand painting with 2-4 year-olds at a small co-op playschool in East Williamsburg. We used paintbrushes to apply glue to our paper. Then we used spoons to sprinkle on colored sand. The extra sand was then shaken off into pie tins for a easy clean up. It was still pretty messy!
Painting with Marbles @ PS 147, May 2017
At PS 147, I  did an abstract painting workshop using marbles and golf balls. Working with 2nd and 3rd graders and their parents, we carefully placed paper into the lids of boxes. Marbles and golf balls were spooned out of bowls of paint and plopped into a the box lid. Rocking the lid back and forth made a messy abstract painting. Colors mixed and movement was tangible. 

I organized a Kids Halloween Event at Knockdown Center. We had various sensory bins that simulated guts, eyeballs, a brain, a heart and a tongue! Kids were invited to create a handprint-spider with black paint and googly eyes. There was also a musical theramin that kids could interact with to make spooky sounds. 


PLAYDOUGH PLAYGROUP, The Cobra Club, October 2014 - April 2015
Children age one through three, along with their caregivers, gather weekly to co-play and have a sensory experience with playdough. This is a first art-making experience for the youngest children. Non-toxic dough is created from flour, water, oil and cream of tartar. The color and smell of the playdough changes each week. Other materials are provided as tools for material manipulation. Toddlers are introduced to new sets of vocabulary and they begin to interact in imaginative play. 

MY FRONT STOOP (an ongoing open play event with neighborhood friends) 
I installed a sandbox in my front stoop area, which has become a social space for many kids on my block. We have a variety of tools to play in the sand at any given moment. On occasion, I also bring out the paints and kids are free to play with them however they like.