line drawing with patterns
we look at patrick Caulfield's work as inspiration. students bring to class a simple line drawing of an interior space, along with at least 5 patterns. In class, students transfer the drawing to their canvas and fill in the various areas with the patterns. 

collaborative still life
in small groups, students create a collaborative still life with cardboard and various materials we can find around the classroom. Then, each student picks a spot around the still life to hone in on one area of the still life. Each painting comes out so different! 

Full color still life painting
Using the wipe-out method, students begin by using raw umber, Linseed oil and a rag to get all the values mapped out. Then, they use a full palette to describe various colors, patterns, shapes and surfaces. 

three paintings using the same object matter
For the first painting, students make a collage the same size as their canvas. the result is a one to one translation in scale and color. the term trompe l'oeil is explained as a way to help the Students understand the goal of the first painting. for the second painting, students deconstruct their collage and turn it into something sculptural. They then make an observational painting of this object. For the final painting, the students are instructed to re-make the second painting again, but this time with a formal emphasis. They are encouraged to push formal qualities such as size, scale, composition and color.